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Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

Do you need some clearer instructions on how to exercise? Feeling lost in a gym and don’t know where or how to get started on your fitness program? Have you had an injury or condition and are returning to exercise but cautious about what exercise to do? Have you been exercising for years but have hit a plateau with results and performance?
Personal Training gives you the skills to feel confident that the exercise you are doing is safe and effective for you, the individual. There are hundreds of difference exercises all promising to tone this and shape that, but if performed incorrectly with poor technique you risk injury and wasting your time as the exercise is not targeting what you need.  Personal Training sessions are your time with a Fitness Professional who will select and plan the perfect exercises for you, your goals and your body.

How to choose a Personal Trainer?

Meet them in person and have a consultation/introduction to the service they offer. Check what qualifications, experience and insurance the Trainer holds. Time schedules and training sessions will be explained as will the pricing structure of sessions. Personal Training is a one to one session but if you have a friend or spouse also interested in Personal Training then bring them along and they can join in. With Lemon Fitness the initial consultation session is free of charge – it is an opportunity to see if you want to have the service of a Personal Trainer and it gives the Trainer the opportunity to assess if they can meet your fitness goals.

What do I need for Personal Training?

Clothing and Footwear suitable for a gym or studio environment, a Water Bottle and an attitude of eagerness to get started on your exciting experience!

Personal Training Prices

Initial Consultation – Free
1 hour Session – £35.00
10 x 1 hour Sessions – £300.00
1 hour Session for 2 people – £40.00
(£20.00 per person)
10 x 1 hour session for 2 people – £350.00
£17.50 per person)
10 x 1 hour Session for 2 people –
Fitness Assessment (1 hour) – £30.00
Nutritional Analysis (Food Diary Assessment & Recommendations) – £30.00

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